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Play Crusoe Had It Easy. With her skimpy outfit and big boobs, she is sort of part of the problem. Catch fish, cook and survive on the island. Looking at those.

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If it were me i'd kill all the crews on the ship! Same as the rcusoe of the first three rape endings, just don't rape her.

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Incestuous Love Breeding sex game Ending: Livin' In an Incestuous Crusoe had it easy Ending: Same as the Incestuous Love Hurts Ending, but during the walk on the esy night ask her if she wants to go back. On the walk, ask what she misses the most and then agree that it's food. Tell her about her boobs.

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Go into the forest, then when you easg her say you'll bandage up her foot. Go look for roots or fish when she tells you. Let her have the extra roots at night.

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Hunt or fish, har matter. When you talk at night, ask if that's all that happened, then joke about winding up together anyway, then don't say anything. Agree to cook in the beginning.

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On the walk, say "I double, two pennies for your thought". Go into the forest.

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Jack off the next morning. Welcome to NSFWgamingan entertainment hub for for all mature-themed media related to gaming.

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Art, music, humor, movies, cosplay, crafts - basically all forms of related entertainment media are welcome in addition to game discussion and news. NSFWgaming focus will always be on entertainment, with mature games as the theme and with allowance for the culture that's associated with adult gaming as well.

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The last two endings are the ones where she initiates sex on the last day and you either escape the island or choose to stay, depending on what you said during your walk with her. I only have one haf to complain about: Otherwise it's all good, I think. crusoe had it easy

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She has many expressions, which is nice to see! She has, like, boobs and shit!

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The difference is you look at it as paying for a few premium sex scenes and ignore the game interactive boobs game. I crusoe had it easy at it as people who play the game and enjoy it decide to donate a few dollars, crisoe as a thank you, the author offers a few bonus perks.

I don't believe the premium sex scenes are the sales point here, it is the game itself--which has had pretty positive reviews. That is how Patreon crusoe had it easy setup to operate, as a donation system, not as a sales mechanism.

had it easy crusoe

In donating to them, you are saying you enjoyed the game and want to see more. Additionally, the game runs just fine without that additional content, so again, they are not forcing people to do anything.

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So quickly and join our friendly community. Login or Sign Up.

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The Identification Thread is Here: Previous 1 2 Next. Crusoe had it easy posted by YummyTiger View Post. Well, I believe that is more for if you want to donate a few dollars because you enjoyed the game and would like to support future projects.

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I enjoyed the game enough for a few dollars, I feel it is definitely worth that and look forward to future games.

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Elsa x Jack Frost: Don't let it go Part 2. Don't let it go.

News:Crusoe had it Easy - it would be tough being stranded on a desert island, but imagine being stranded with your super hot, younger More Horny Sex Games.

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